Tongling city macro shipping industry &trade co., LTD(Sofa factory)Is a set design、Production、Sales in the integration of professional sofa manufacturer。Product range covers engineering sofa sofa、The clubhouse sofa、Internet cafes sofa、Teahouse sofa、The hotel bed、Office furniture、Metope hard package soft package, etc, Custom services can also provide customers with sofa。
    Macros to sofa products applicable to individual homes、Sauna foot bath、The hotel、KTVThe bar、Internet cafe、The coffee shop、Western restaurant, etc; We have the sofa of advanced production equipment and technology,The first-class sofa furniture manufacturing professional technicians,The sofa of perfect production management,The company sofa every working procedure of the product,With makings fastidious,Fine workmanship,Fashionable in design。Can meet the needs of different users。 In order to provide a more intimate service,We can measure、Design,To provide customers with strong
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Tongling city macro shipping industry &trade co., LTD Sofa factory

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The sofa of choose and buy method
        In the process of a family to decorate,Furniture of choose and buy is a very important thing。In the process of sofa of choose and buy,The need for careful consideration。Because the sofa but not people in the daily rest place,A visitor or a place
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